Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Thanks to our blogger pal Doug Hagin over at the Daley Gator for the linkback!

In a few short hours, my own dear Mrs. Animal and yr. obdt. will board a big ole jet airliner for the a distant land, for a week of a little bit of business but mostly just fun.  Watch these virtual pages for tales of our adventure.

But while that’s going on, here in the States, pols are doing what pols do – being phonies.  Excerpt:

It was bound to happen in the Democrat-Left Age of Intersectionality. In an era where you lose “society-advantage points” for being White, more points for being male, more for having progenitor roots anywhere in Europe, and a few more for being all three plus “straight”… In such a society, it was bound to happen that imposters would start emerging — even among candidates for the nation’s highest office and among their biggest donors — claiming false identities. Remember Rachel Dolezal, the Caucasian of European lineage, who rose to head an NAACP chapter by falsely presenting as Black? Now they all seem to be prescribed medical formulations of Dolezal.

Let’s start with Beto the Skate-o. I initially was fooled into thinking that Beto O’Rourke was some Mexican-American, or whatever, who was running in Texas for Senate against Ted Cruz. Who names a kid “Beto” if not a Hispanic family? There are no “Beto” personalities in the Bible. I figured the guy was Latino, maybe Chicano, pitching for that vote down in El Paso.

Although Karl Rove of Texas refused to call Beto by his sobriquet, insisting on calling him “Robert Francis” O’Rourke, Rove failed to clarify why he denied the Skateboard King his moniker. So look deeper: His Dad is Pat Francis O’Rourke. Irish. The Mom is Melissa Martha Williams O’Rourke. “Beto” is of Irish and Welsh ancestry. Hmm. So what’s with the “Beto”? The presumed underprivileged Hispanic life that he overcame to rise and raise $80 million from around the country against Ted Cruz?

The author of this piece, American Spectator’s Dov Fischer, writes of many more candidates than the Irish O’Rourke, of course, and his treading the John Kerry route to fortune (he married it.)  But his description of Beta O’Rourke is spot-on.

The guy has so many backstories, even he can’t keep them straight.  And he’s launched his campaign by apologizing for his white-maleness – well, OK then, if you’re going to start your run by apologizing for having the nerve to, you know, run, then please explain to me why anyone should vote for you?

I get it – politicians are phonies by nature.  But in Beta’s case, his phoniness is of a particular kind, and it’s rather similar to the guy he’d like to be compared to, one Barack Obama.  They have something in common – neither of them has ever held an honest job, neither of them had any accomplishments of note before seeking the Presidency.

While we’re on the topic, let’s crowd-source a good nickname for Beta.  How about “Paddy Tortilla?”  “Beta” is pretty descriptive, but I like to be creative.  Ideas?