Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

August already.  Wow.  And, as we move in to office, next Tuesday will see us on the road again, making our way to my latest gig in the gig economy.

In New Jersey.  Shit.

Well, they pay me to go where work is, not where fun is.  And who knows – maybe this fall I’ll find some good grouse shooting up in New York or northern Pennsylvania.

Anyway, since next week will see Mrs. Animal and yr. obdt. traveling across 2/3 of a continent to the new work site, look forward to some place-holder totty posts next week.  Normal news posts will resume on August 13th.  Now, moving on:  Maxine Waters/James Brown is at it again.  Excerpt:

Waters called the GOP tax bill a scam. That is incorrect. Democrats and their policies are a scam. According to, a scam means,” a dishonest scheme; a fraud.” The eight years under Obama was a scam. He claimed that the manufacturing jobs that left the United States were never coming back. He was wrong. Obama stated that green energy was the new way to get power. He was wrong again. Obama even said ISIS was running and scared. No, they weren’t until Trump stepped into office.

The most massive scam is that the government knows what to do with your money better than you.

Waters admitted that the economy was doing well. However, she wanted to undo it, and get things back to the way they were under Obama. However, she continued by saying that the economy was doing so well now because of the policies that Obama created. Wait a second. So she wants to take the economy and get it back to the non-existent growth that it was under Obama because it is doing well after Obama set the groundwork for it to explode, which it happened to do under Trump?

It seems like the Democrats’ mid-term strategy has become:

  1. More socialism, never mind that socialism has failed every time it’s tried;
  2. Medicare for all, never mind that it is expected to cost more than the current Imperial budget;
  3. More gun control, in spite of the fact that it’s never been shown to have an impact on crime;
  4. Undo tax cuts that actually put more money in people’s pockets.

If this continues all the GOP will have to do, assuming they’re smart about it (which, frankly, has historically not been in evidence) is keep pointing these things out.

I have always maintained that the country is stronger with two strong political parties.  Why?  Because, honestly, the country is better off when the Imperial City is deadlocked.  Both parties are statist parties; every action either of them takes seems to infringe on our basic liberties in some way or another.  But the Dems, this cycle, seem to be anxious to position themselves on the fringe.

That blue wave may already be evaporating.