Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Yes, yes,  President Trump is at the moment either a blatant traitor to Truth, Justice and the American Way, or the best 4D chess player ever, with almost nobody taking anything like a middle ground.  I get that.  I’ll probably have something to say about the Helsinki thing after the overt RHEEEEEEE from, honestly, both sides has stopped, and I’ve done some reading and had some time to think things over.  I’m of a rather deliberate nature concerning these things.

But in other news, it turns out that there may well be something like a quadrillion tons (or tonnes, if you prefer) of diamonds in the ground.  Problem is, we can’t reach them.  Excerpt:

Cratonic roots are the most ancient sections of rock under tectonic states, shaped like upside-down mountains.

The researchers estimate that the roots may have 1-2% diamond, meaning that about a quadrillion tons of diamond are buried there.

Given that a ton of diamond is 50,000,000 carats, worth at least £3,000 each, that comes out at a tasty £150,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 by our relatively unscientific calculations.

‘This shows that diamond is not perhaps this exotic mineral, but on the [geological] scale of things, it’s relatively common,’ says Ulrich Faul, a research scientist in MIT’s Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences.

‘We can’t get at them, but still, there is much more diamond there than we have ever thought before.’

The researchers concluded that there were diamonds down there due to an anomaly in seismic data – where sound waves seemed to speed up.

Faul and his colleagues calculated that the anomaly could be caused by 1%-2% of diamonds in the ‘cratonic roots.’

My first thought was, “well, OK then.”  Can’t see how this is much of a concern any way you look at it.

But just imagine someone managed to figure out how to get down that far and found, yes, diamonds by the metric shitload (a metric shitload, in case you were wondering, is 1.14 Imperial shitloads) were down there; postulate a real-life Tony Stark came up with a Reverse-Gungaplexic Force Modulated Hyper-Drill that was able to reach these very roots of the Earth’s crust and bring up tons and tons of diamonds.

What an economic mess that would be.  The DeBeers folks wouldn’t be too happy about it, but the implications would go a lot deeper.  This would throw world markets in a tizzy, when a previously rare, extremely valuable resource suddenly becomes as common as gravel.

Here’s the catch; there are giga-tons of precious metals and other valuable stuff out in the asteroid belt, and that stuff is actually easier to get to.  Now think on that.

Our kids and grandkids may see some interesting times.