Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Take a look at six ways the EPA is wasting taxpayer dollars.  Excerpt:

Congress recently voted to raise the budget caps that limited the amount of money they can spend. While doing so, they claimed that the budget caps were so tight they were having devastating and lasting consequences for the government.

Could that possibly be true? Could the federal government’s real problem be that it doesn’t have enough money? We decided to check in on just one department, the Environmental Protection Agency. And here’s what we found:

Scott Pruitt’s Spending Spree: Scott Pruitt has been front and center for the past few months. In September, the Inspector General found that Pruitt’s office had plans to build a $25,000 soundproof booth. The New York Times reported shortly after that the booth was originally quoted for $10,000, but ended up costing $43,000. On top of that, Pruitt spent $9,000 sweeping the office for listening devices and installing fingerprint-activated locks. He also spent an astounding $2.7 million for 19 agents to provide around the clock security. What is perhaps most infuriating is the amount spent on first-class travel, including dalliances to Europe. A Politico report estimated that Pruitt had spent over $100,000 on first-class flights due to “specific ongoing threats.”

Fat Rats Breathing Truck Fumes: It was recently revealed that the EPA has been wasting millions of tax dollars on outdated and misleading air pollution tests on animals at its National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory. The facility—which has a $116 million budget and uses 20,000 rabbits, mice, and other animals each year in deadly tests—has been forcing animals to breathe diesel exhaust and force-feeding animals lard to make them obese and then exposing them to air pollution. As’s editor remarked about the tests, “Mice are not little people when it comes to studying the potential health effects, like cancer, of low-level exposures to chemicals in the environment.”

Read the article for the entire list, but there’s one thing conveniently absent:  The EPA wastes taxpayer money by simply existing.  It’s one of a long list of Imperial agencies unauthorized by the Constitution, and therefore forbidden by the Tenth Amendment.  The several states can set up environmental standards, but the Imperial government cannot.

But the Imperial Congress has been using the Constitution for asswipe for many decades now.

Were I to have my druthers, the Imperial Executive Branch would consist of three departments:  Defense, State and Treasury.  But I can’t have my druthers; instead, we are stuck with the ever-expanding Imperial colossus.

I appreciate the effort that went into this article and every example is well taken, but let’s be honest; we could eliminate all of these wasteful items and we’d still be spitting into a hurricane.