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Happy Hump Day!

There may be some hope for Germany after all.  But, probably not.  Excerpt:

New Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said Islam does not belong to Germany, and set out hardline immigration policies in his first major interview since being sworn in this week, as he sought to see off rising far-right challengers.

His comments put him on a collision course with Chancellor Angela Merkel, who on Friday reiterated her long-held view that Islam was a part of Germany, even if the country was traditionally characterized by Christianity and Judaism.

“Islam does not belong to Germany,” Seehofer, a member of Merkel’s CSU Bavarian allies who are further to the right than her own Christian Democrats (CDU), told Bild newspaper in an interview published on Friday.

Seehofer said he would push through a “master plan for quicker deportations” and classify more states as ‘safe’ countries of origin, which would make it easier to deport failed asylum seekers.

Seehofer is particularly keen to show his party is tackling immigration ahead of Bavaria’s October regional election, when the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) is expected to enter that state assembly.

OK, now my initial comment may have been a little optimistic.  It’s probably already too late for Germany.  It’s probably already too late for Europe.  And it’s not just immigration that’s to blame for it.

Ethnic Europeans, from Slavs to Swedes, are breeding at far, far below replacement rates.  Their increasingly restive Muslim minorities, significant numbers of whom are recent “refugees” who all seem to be men of military service age, not so much.  And once those Muslim minorities reach a tipping point – then Europe becomes a Muslim caliphate.

Canterbury Cathedral will become a mosque.  Stonehenge will likely be destroyed, as ancient pagan monuments and statues have been all over the Levant.  And the Europe we knew, the Europe we expended many, many men defending in two world wars, will be no more.  And that’s too bad.

Maybe Herr Seehofer can slow down the process.  But at this point, there’s very little hope that he can stop it – at least, unless the German people start having more babies.