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Happy Hump Day!

GMO corn is increasing yields and decreasing losses due to insects and so on all over.  This is pretty damn close to an unqualified success, folks.  Excerpt:

The analysis of over 6,000 peer-reviewed studies covering 21 years of data found that GMO corn increased yields up to 25 percent and dramatically decreased dangerous food contaminants. The study, published in Scientific Reports, analyzed field data from 1996, when the first GMO corn was planted, through 2016 in the United States, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

The researchers’ key findings:

  • GMO corn varieties increased crop yields 5.6 to 24.5 percent relative to their non-GMO equivalents
  • GMO corn crops had lower percentages of mycotoxins (-28.8 percent), fumonisins (-30.6 percent) and thricotecens (−36.5 percent), all of which can lead to economic losses and harm human and animal health

The study also reaffirmed the scientific consensus that genetically modified corn does not pose risks to human health.

“This analysis provides an effective synthesis on a specific problem that is widely discussed publicly,” study coauthor Laura Ercoli told Italian newspaper la Repubblica (quote translated from Italian).

The scientists said that the meta-analysis allows us “to draw unequivocal conclusions, helping to increase public confidence in food produced with genetically modified plants.”

I know I harp on this – blame it on an actual background in Biology – but humans have been genetically modifying crops as long as humans have been growing crops.  Only the methods have changed.  The anti-GMO clowns are of a type with the anti-vaxxers; people who reject the work done by qualified scientists in producing technological breakthroughs that improve life for the entire planet.

Farm life has its advantages.

There are plenty of people in nations with marginal farmland who could benefit from, say, drought-resistant and insect-resistant crops.  Well-meaning but poorly-informed Westerners would deny these people GMO seed crops for reasons that have little to do with reality.  Ironically, many of these same clowns would then lecture us on “compassion” when we hesitate to continue pouring aid money into these same nations.

Can anyone explain to me where the sense is in all this?