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Happy Hump Day!

Here’s another one to file under “good starts”:  The Imperial government is proposing to cut the amount we give to the UN by $285 million.  I’d rather see it cut to zero, but this is at least something.  Have a read:

The U.S. government says it has negotiated a significant cut in the United Nations budget.

The U.S. Mission to the United Nations said on Sunday that the U.N.’s 2018-2019 budget would be slashed by over $285 million. The mission said reductions would also be made to the U.N.’s management and support functions.

The announcement didn’t make clear the entire amount of the budget or specify what effect the cut would have on the U.S. contribution.

U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley said that the “inefficiency and overspending” of the organization is well-known, and she would not let “the generosity of the American people be taken advantage of.”

She also said that while the mission was pleased with the results of budget negotiations, it would continue to “look at ways to increase the U.N.’s efficiency? while protecting our interests.”

Membership in the UN is not in the United States’ best interest.  Let me say that again:  Membership in the UN is not in the United States’ best interest.

Seriously, folks; we’re talking about an organization that puts Iran – IRAN –  on the Human Rights Council.  We’re talking about an organization that legitimizes tyrants and dictators from every Third World shithole on the planet.  We’re talking about an organization whose “peacekeepers” have developed a well-earned reputation for sexual abuse, not to mention outright rape.

We’re talking about an organization whose members deride the United States at every opportunity, until the bills need paying.

Why not start a new international organization?  How about something along the lines of a “United Free States,” where only nations with freely elected governments and governing traditions of liberty need apply for membership?  Dictators and tyrants excluded, which would exclude most of the planet; well, that’s the breaks.

Assuming the members of this new organization left the UN, that would reduce the total wealth of its member states by 80-90% (I’m guessing, here, but I bet I’m not too far off.)  Free nations are usually prosperous nations; tyrannies are almost never so, except for the ruling elite.

Let the UN set up in Tehran or Venezuela.  Most of the UN members will feel more at home.

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