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Happy Hump Day!

The North Koreans, those denizens of a country ruled by a stunted little gargoyle with bad hair from a line of stunted little gargoyles with bad hair, are at it again.  Excerpt:

The tyrannical hermit nation fired yet another missile from Pyongyang towards the Sea of Japan on Monday evening, crossing Japanese territory in the boldest show of force under Kim Jong-un’s authoritarian rule.

Now the Japanese Prime Minister has warned enough is enough amid rising fears of World War 3.

As he entered his office for an emergency meeting, Mr Abe said: “We will make utmost efforts to firmly protect the lives of the people.”

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga also described the missile test as an “unprecedented, grave threat”.

It comes after Donald Trump vowed to protect Japan from the menace of the brutal North Korean nation.

Last month, Mr Abe spoke with US President Donald Trump and agreed on the need for more action on North Korea.

After the meeting, he said that Mr Trump would take “all necessary measures” to protect US allies against the increasing threat from the hermit state.

The Japanese Prime Minister added: ”International society, including Russia and China, need to take this seriously and increase pressure.”

Prediction:  Russia won’t do anything.  Putin’s state of mind at present is that anything that makes life more hectic for the United States is somehow working in his favor.  China?  They might, eventually; The U.S. is their largest market, and their economy would be a total shitshow without us.

One of many reasons South Korea is far more awesome than North Korea.

But things might get worse for the looney Norks:

According to a 2017 report by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), North Korea is experiencing its most severe drought since 2001. While the more obvious consequences of this include food shortages, there is another major impact to consider — severe flooding. Major flooding impacted the country every year from 2010 to 2016 and will continue into the foreseeable future.

During a drought, soil becomes dry and compact without moisture over extended periods of time, making it more difficult for the ground to absorb rainfall. If an area impacted by drought is suddenly hit with large amounts of precipitation, major flooding will soon follow. California, for example, experienced an extended drought from 2011-2017. When the rain picked up in 2017, California witnessed large amounts of flooding throughout the state.

The same thing will continue to happen in North Korea. The difference being, California is able to handle strain on its flood network, whereas North Korea does not have the comparable infrastructure to support such natural disasters.

This, True Believers, is a recipe for disaster.

There’s no predicting what desperate people might do; and if the North Korean ‘workers and peasants’ become any more hard-pressed, they may decide that rebellion is their best answer- or their last resort.

There’s also no predicting what a desperate Kim regime might do when they feel their control of their people slipping away – and these desperate people have nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, Japan is growing increasingly impatient, and there are signs that they are beginning to remember their impressive martial history; read that excerpt above again:

Now the Japanese Prime Minister has warned enough is enough amid rising fears of World War 3.

Another war on the Korean Peninsula will result in the deaths of tens, maybe hundreds, of thousands.  And it’s looking more likely every time that stunted little gargoyle with bad hair orders another launch.