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Happy Hump Day!

Thanks to our blogger pal Doug Hagin over at The Daley Gator for the linkage!

Some stories just crack one up.  This is one such:  Immigrant Couple Buys Street To Charge Rich Californians To Park Outside Their Own Homes.  Eh heh heh heh.  Excerpt:

Tina Lam and Michael Cheng, first generation immigrants, found Presidio Terrace listed for only $994 dollars in an online auction. The city held the auction to pay off the $14 per year property tax on the street that the local homeowners association had neglected to pay for more than 30 years, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Monday. The couple wasn’t the only party to recognize the potential value of the street, however, and they paid more than $90,000 when the bidding was all said and done.

The homeowners claimed they only failed to pay the tax because the annual bill was being sent to an old address, the Sacramento Bee reported. However, the city was unsympathetic.

“Ninety-nine percent of property owners in San Francisco know what they need to do, and they pay their taxes on time — and they keep their mailing address up to date,” spokeswoman Amanda Fried said.

The street is a small oval bordering 35 properties prized by San Francisco’s most elite residents. Over the years, personalities like Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein have owned homes in the closed-off paradise, which has an entrance overseen by a full-time guard.

This really is too funny.

The only down side is that the (un)esteemed “public servants” Pelosi and Feinstein no longer live on this street.  Imagine the opportunity there – all one would have to do is rent the parking space in front of the home of either Pelosi or Feinstein and boom!  Instant protest.

And there would, theoretically, be little they could do about it – the protesters would, of course, be on private property, and they would have a lease establishing their right to be there.

Of course, there is no equal protection under the law where our Imperial “public servants” are concerned.  Lease or no lease, anyone who tried this would quickly be seen off by the local gendarmes.

Still.  It’s a fun thing to imagine.