Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Yesterday our good friend and fellow blogger Jillian Becker (I highly recommend her book Hitler’s Children – the Story of the Baader-Meinhof Terrorist Gang) over at The Atheist Conservative presented a great deconstruction of the meltdown of the legacy media in the Age of Trump.  Excerpt:

The Left has been trying for a long time now to substitute their own version of what is happening in America and the world for what is actually happening. The Democrats, now a far left party, stepped up the attempt when Donald Trump was elected president. They had been so sure they would win the 2016 election that their failure seems to them to be impossible, a terrible mistake of the cosmos, a breakdown of the laws of the universe. They knew that one of their own – the corrupt Hillary Clinton – would be the next president, so their multitude of deceits would continue to be covered up and their devious plots implemented. Oh, what a shock they got when rude Reality brought Donald Trump to power!

They still refuse to accept the fact that Donald Trump is president. Something must be done to rectify the cosmic error. New fictions are required. So wild stories of Trump perfidies spring out of newspapers and TV screens.

But it is insane to believe that a false description of reality can replace the Real.

Reality goes on accruing its consequences, and sooner or later the truth bursts through the lies.

This week the devious plot – involving a total fiction without a trace of a fact to give it any credibility whatsoever – invented to frame President Trump as a traitor selling out his country to Russia, has been burst open.

Anyone to the right of Leon Trotsky, politically, can’t help but to feel a little schadenfreude at the ongoing meltdown of the legacy media.

CNN carelessly published a story about President Trump’s Russia connections!  They breathlessly ran a story based on an anonymous information source.

And it turns out that the whole thing was completely fabricated.

Ms. Becker nails the reason for all this.  It’s also the reason that big swaths of the American Left have been so unglued of late; they went into November 8th confident that their creature, Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, had a lock on the election.  Hell, I figured the same thing myself.

So when the rude, loud, uncouth Donald Trump ended up winning – well, I haven’t seen the Left so unhinged since the contested 2000 election.

Come on, American liberals.  We survived eight years of President Obama.  You’ll survive eight years of President Trump.