Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

It begins; House Republicans have formed a Second Amendment caucus.  Excerpt:

A group of House Republicans formed the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus on Thursday.

The group, headed by Rep. Thomas Massie (R., Ky.), said the caucus plans to draft and sponsor pro-gun legislation in the upcoming Congress.

“Caucus members will lead efforts in the House of Representatives to pass meaningful firearms legislation and protect Americans against infringements of the Second Amendment,” the group said in a statement.

Massie said the election of Donald Trump and Republican majorities in both houses of Congress were the catalyst for the formation of the caucus.

“The recent election results present us with a new opportunity to advance pro-gun legislation and reverse the erosion of the Second Amendment that’s occurred over the last few decades,” he said. “I look forward to working with the new president and this determined group of conservatives to promote a pro-gun agenda.”

In addition to sponsoring and supporting pro-gun bills, the caucus said they also plan to invite firearm experts, constitutional scholars, and pro-gun groups to speak to them regularly.

Imagine that – having people who actually know something about guns to testify on legislation affecting guns and gun owners.  What a concept!

Concealed-carry reciprocity is part of what may be accomplished with the soon-to-be-installed President and Congress.  We may also see some meaningful attempts to improve the national background check database; it’s likely that the “no fly, no buy” issue will come up again, and here’s a matter for concern, since during the election President-elect Trump voiced support for this policy, depriving American citizens of a Constitutionally defined right with no due process.

That’s a troubling idea.