Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!
Happy Hump Day!

I’ll just run through a few odds and ends this morning, as I have an early morning scheduled and a long day ahead.  So – once more into the breach, dear friends, once more!

It seems Her Imperial Majesty paid internet trolls to flood comments sections on stories.  This is interesting; I’ve seen plenty of commenters on both sides of various issues accused of being paid trolls, but this is the first actual evidence I’ve ever seen of this being a for-real thing.  Who knew?

This man did what the Dowager Empress did with her private email server – now he’s in jail.  But the law, you know, that’s just for the little folks.

Here’s a good piece from the always-worth-reading Dr. Thomas Sowell:  Words Versus Deeds.  Key point:  Do you choose a President by talk — or by actions and consequences?  I’m sorry, Dr. Sowell, but it’s been many, many years since we chose a President by any rational standard in this country.  Pretty speeches and Free Shit have ruled the last few elections, and this one – sadly – is shaping up to be the same.

Sad-BearBut there may be one possible game-changer; yesterday the stock market hit a bad bump.  The 2008 crash certainly affected the election that year, although 2008 was going to be a bad one for the GOP no matter what.  A stock market crash would be a Bad Thing – a very Bad Thing – but at this point it may be the only thing that will save The Donald’s imploding campaign.

We’ll see.