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Happy Hump Day!
Happy Hump Day!

Thanks once again to The Other McCain for the Rule Five links!

The disintegration of Her Imperial Majesty’s campaign continues apace.  Now there’s this; Techies Instructed to Delete Hillary’s Emails: This Looks Like Covering Up A Lot of Shady Sh*t.  Excerpt:

During a House Oversight Committee hearing Tuesday examining the destruction and deletion of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email archives, Republican Congressman Jim Jordan pulled up an email sent between Platte River Networks employees expressing concern they were being used as part of a cover-up. Platte River is the company that hosted and managed Clinton’s private server, which regularly transmitted top secret, classified information. 

“Starting to think this whole thing is really covering up a lot of shady sh*t,” an email sent by either Platte River employee Paul Combetta or Bill Thornton stated on August 15, 2015. 

The email also expressed the need for the Clintons to provide documentation of deletion requests so the company had a record to protect themselves. During the hearing Tuesday, Combetta and Thornton plead the fifth and refused to testify.

And to the point:  Yes, this was a coverup, and yes, a lot of shady shit was going on.  This is hurting Her Royal Highness in the polls; The Donald has not only pulled even, he’s starting to show some leads in a few key states.

The reason for that is simple; the more the Dowager Empress is exposed to the voters, the more the people get to see about her true Splashing-Bearsnature, and the more her once-impressive lead crumbles.  The Donald, meanwhile, has finally gotten some good advisors and more to the point, started to listen to them.  He’s making policy speeches, looking more focused, more disciplined, and doing much less lashing out at perceived personal slights.

Once again, it’s the debates that will really put things in perspective; two weeks from yesterday, the game begins.

It will be interesting to see if Her Imperial Majesty can make it through the debates without fainting or lapsing into what appears to be another petit mal seizure.