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Happy Hump Day!
Happy Hump Day!

Indiana is done past, and so is Ted Cruz.  For better or worse, it’s Donald J. Trump’s game now, and all we can hope for is that there will be more better and less worse – although, if the Donald proves to be more decisive, tougher and less inept than President Obama, then at least there will be some improvement in things at the Imperial Mansion.

Meanwhile, here is the inestimable Dr. Victor Davis Hanson on the Trump Phenomenon.  Excerpt:

Clearly, elite journalists, political advisers, media anchors, and pollsters, for all their analyses, have no idea where, why, and how Trump garners support. He follows no campaign rules. He has no consistent political ideology. He ignores decorum. Scandals do not tar him. The media treat him like a cobra rising from a basket — terrified that if at any moment they stop their music, the smiling serpent might strike and bite them in the nose.

Tomorrow Trump could declare there to be 57 states, or address vets as Corpse-men or tell his legions to bring a gun to a knife fight — and none of his supporters would find him clueless, half-educated, or incendiary. If Trump brought one of his wheeler-dealer Manhattan real-estate cronies to a rally and the man’s court-ordered ankle bracelet went off, no one would bat an eye.

In other words, Trump is a postmodern creation, for whom traditional and time-tested rules do not apply. He is neither brilliant nor unhinged, neither ecumenical nor just a polarizer, not a wrecker and not a savior of the Republican party, but something else altogether. He does not defy conventional wisdom. There simply is no convention and no wisdom applicable to Donald J. Trump. For years postmodernists have lectured us that there is no truth, no absolutes, no timeless protocols worthy of reverence; Trump is their Nemesis, who reifies their theories that truth is simply a narrative whose veracity is established by the degree of power and persuasion behind it.

As I’ve been saying for some time, The Donald is as much symptom as disease.  He is saying what big swaths of the electorate have been wanting to hear; American should and can be great; professional politicians suck; our enemies are bad people and the fact of their evil is not somehow America’s fault.  He is the antithesis of the modern politician; no polished remarks calculated to the inch to neither Confused Bearoffend nor inform.  Trump speaks off the cuff, he sprinkles his remarks with insults and cheap shots, and (perhaps most appealing of all) he is openly contemptuous and openly derisive of the permanent political class in the Imperial City.

After today, it’s become pretty clear that he will be the GOP candidate for President, whether the GOP elites like it or not.

In November, it looks like we’ll see how it all plays out.  I’ve been watching the Rise of Trump with a mixture of bemusement, amusement and horror; and let me tell you, True Believers, I think we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.