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Happy Hump Day!
Happy Hump Day!

This just in from National Review’s Kevin D. Williamson; Socialism On the Left: It’s the Whitest Privilege.  Excerpt:

The curious task of the American Left is to eliminate “white privilege” by forcing people to adopt Nordic social arrangements at gunpoint.

Progressives have a longstanding love affair with the nations of northern Europe, which are, or in some cases were until the day before yesterday, ethnically homogeneous, overwhelmingly white, hostile to immigration, nationalistic, and frankly racist in much of their domestic policy.

In this the so-called progressives are joined, as they traditionally have been, by brutish white supremacists and knuckle-dragging anti-Semites, who believe that they discern within the Nordic peoples the last remnant of white European purity and who frequently adopt Nordic icons and myths, incorporating them into an oddball cult of whiteness. American progressivism is a cult of whiteness, too: It imagines re-creating Danish society in Los Angeles, which is not full of Danish people, ascribing to Scandinavian social policies certain mystical tendencies that render them universal in their applicability.

Call it “Nordic Exceptionalism.”

You know who else believed in Nordic Exceptionalism?

But never mind that.  At least for now.  NR’s Williamson is right about one thing, and that is that the more radical portions of America’s Left – largely supporters of the loony old Bolshevik Sanders – are definitely people of pallor.  Look at any non-BLM college protest; take a good look at the mostly-white, mostly-middle to upper-middle class yutes screeching for more Free Shit.

Leaping Wet BearThere’s another lesson from Europe, though; unchecked, uncontrolled immigration from Third World shitholes, aided and abetted by the leaders of modern nations, often results in a backlash.  The Scandinavian nations are beginning to show nationalist tendencies; in Germany, Frau Merckel is beginning to be the target of rising German ire.

Historically, rising tides of nationalism in Germany hasn’t ended up well for anybody.  But who knows?  Maybe this time they’ll take Tehran.