Animal’s First Full Presidential Work Day News

Yesterday was President Trump’s first full workday in the Imperial Mansion.  And, boy howdy, was he busy.  Here are some samples:

First:  The Trans-Pacific Partnership is gone, at least where the United States is concerned.  And, surprise – labor unions are praising President Trump for this.  And leaders of the Teamsters Union who met with the President on Monday described the meeting as “incredible.”  In a good way.

But the government unions don’t care for the President’s hiring freeze on Imperial personnel – although taxpayers should be happy about that.

Soon, it looks like President Trump will have a fight on his hands over Imperial spending cuts – not the usual “cuts” defined as “decreases in the rate of increase,” but actual cuts.  Who will he be fighting with?  Congressional Republicans, among (certainly) others.  Again, taxpayers should be happy about that.

Also, President Trump has what was reportedly a substantive and productive conversation with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on combating Islamic terrorism.

He also spoke with the United States’ best ally in the Middle East, engaging Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on (apparently) a variety of topics, but one can be sure ISIS and Al Qaeda were on the slate.

It’s interesting to see how a non-politician hits this office.  For the first time in our nation’s history, we have a President who is neither a politician or a military general officer.  He’s a businessman, and he’s handling the office like a businessman starting a new project, something with which yr. obdt. has some personal experience.  He entered office with an agenda and he has hit the ground running.  Whether one agrees with his agenda or not – I agree with some items, not on others – you  have to admit he’s doing.

Which is why he won the election.  He had a simple, plain-spoken platform and promised action.  He’s delivering.  So far it’s been interesting to watch.  I think it will continue to be so.