Animal’s Daily White Pill News

Morning links maven Banjos posted this yesterday over at Glibertarians, and I found it interesting enough to comment on.  By all means read it all.  Excerpt:

For those of you still black-pilling (doom and glooming) with the encroaching totalitarianism of mainstream social media keep one very important thing in mind.  Gab is still alive and growing at a pace that they cannot keep up with.  Gab had everything thrown at them over the last four years in the just the same way Parler recently did—and they survived it all. The reason being simple:  without government intervention, it is impossible to create a monopoly.  There will always be a small alternative.  These small alternatives will cater to the needs of the ousted and grow themselves.  Even Standard Oil had small companies compete against them.  I would not be surprised if Parler returns and overcomes the same obstacles that Gab overcame.

The recent assault by Big Tech should ultimately not be seen as a Black Pill, it should be viewed as a White Pill.  The grasp that the Cathedral holds on the public is tenuous at best.  They are dying and desperate.  Instead of yelling at the sky, ask yourself how can you quicken their demise?

First, use alternative tech as much as you can.  Use Duck Duck Go, use Brave, use Telegram or the myriad of alternative social media.  Use Bitchute, use Rumble.  Get your friends and family to do so as well.  I am not tech savvy; many of you are.  It would be great if one of you could start a new forum on Glibs on alternative tech.   Avoid buying and using products from people that hate you.  Stop giving page views to NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC.  If you noticed, most of my morning links are from non-Cathedral sources.  Homeschool your children especially if your local public schools are toxic. Start your own businesses.  You do not have to go full Congressman Massie and go off the grid, but there are many things that you are capable of doing that is within your power.  You have far more power than you realize.

I see the primary point here, and commented on it myself the other day; all of the cancelling, the attempts to silence dissent, those aren’t the acts of people who are confident in authority.  They’re the acts of small people who are afraid, but who have managed to attain power and are willing to do anything to keep it.


I do wish I could share the optimism, though.  Maybe if a healthy majority of Americans weren’t distracted by the endless panem et circenses we are subjected to, and maybe if a few more people bothered to actually run down sources instead of blithely accepting what they are fed by hair-sprayed talking heads on television, I’d have a little more hope.

But we’re well into the “weak people make hard times” stage of society.

At this point it’s hard to see where this is all going.  Now-President Biden is apparently going to ramp up his term by trying to undo everything with Trump’s name on it, without troubling himself (or, more accurately, his handlers won’t trouble themselves) to determine whether those actions were helpful or harmful.  If Trump did it, it’s bad, because The Side is paramount over all, and it’s all principals, not principles.

It’s possible America has just gotten too big to be governed by one central authority in the Imperial City – at least, not with any pretense of republican government.  The only answers I can see  to that are either dissolution or tyranny.  And I think the next few years will tell the tale.