Animal’s Daily Urban Renewal News

Before we begin, check out the latest chapter of Fire and Ice over at Glibertarians!

Now then:  CNN’s Nathaniel Meyersohn has decided to lecture us on the real reason stores are closing in big cities, and as you might expect from CNN, he’s full of shit:

Several forces are pushing chains out of some city centers: a glut of stores, people working from home, online shopping, exorbitant rents, crime and public safety concerns, and difficulty hiring workers.

To reinvent downtown retail, drastic changes may be required.

That means denser neighborhoods with a broader mix of affordable housing, experiential retail, restaurants, entertainment, parks and other amenities, which won’t happen overnight.

“Once [these cities] become true urban neighborhoods, then you will find retailing start to come back in different ways and forms,” said Terry Shook, a founding partner at consulting firm Shook Kelly.

How policymakers remake their downtowns — with retail as a crucial attraction — will be crucial to cities’ fiscal health and regional economies.

Hey, Nathaniel, here’s a thought:  How about we do something about the rampant, consequence-free shoplifting?  How about the rampant drug use, people overdosing on the sidewalks?  How about the tent cities lining city streets, the decrepit RVs parked all over?   How about the unhoused bums dropping trou and shitting on the sidewalks?  How about the open gang warfare in some neighborhoods?  Don’t those seem like more important tasks to take on than building “true urban neighborhoods?”

This piece of crap article is the very definition of fiddling while Rome – or Los Angeles, or San Francisco, or Detroit, or Baltimore – burns.  I’d offer more in rebuttal, but this clip has already summed this up very well.