Animal’s Daily Underground Bunker News

At least California has some decent scenery.

Police in San Jose, California, have found an underground cache of weapons and stolen goods under a “homeless encampment” and are concerned that there may be many more.  Excerpt:

A commercial burglary incident led San Jose Police to an underground bunker at a homeless encampment containing thousands of dollars in stolen items.

“The investigation led them to a homeless encampment,” the San Jose Police Department said on Twitter Tuesday, adding that they located an “underground bunker” containing “approximately $100,000 worth of stolen goods.”

Pictures included in the post show a bunker built into the side of a creek, with items recovered including dozens of power tools, construction equipment, and three shotguns accompanied by boxes of ammunition.

Police say the bunker was elaborate and was equipped with electricity, which they believed was “plugged into somebody else’s source.”

Of course they were plugged into someone else’s source.  Dr. Victor Davis Hanson has been writing about the decline of California for many years, including things like stealing electricity.  And it is doubtlessly belaboring the obvious to point out that this kind of thing goes on because it is allowed, and in fact even subsidized.  What you penalize you get less of, what you subsidize you get more of, and California has been subsidizing ‘homelessness’ for some time now.

Here’s the onion:

“I imagine there are probably several more places like that around town, with just how frequently tools in specific are being taken from construction sites,” resident Ashley King, whose family owns a construction company, told ABC7 News.

King, a teacher at a nearby school, also expressed concerns over the weapons found amid a recent wave of recent mass shootings.

Here are the weapons in question:

Anything seem unusual about those ‘weapons?’  Two over/unders and one nice semi-auto shotguns.  These are target/upland bird pieces, and probably worth a fair amount of money.  They are undoubtedly stolen, but they were stolen for their monetary value, not for use in crime – not that there are probably plenty of various other firearms in those bunkers that will be used in crimes, or sold on the black market to criminals.

But California voted for this.  They’re subsidizing it.  They’ve earned it.

San Jose Police did not immediately respond to a Fox News request for comment.

Uh huh…