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Bill Maher finds an acorn:  Bill Maher: Liberals, We Lost Because We’re Offended All The Time And We Act Like Emasculated Husbands.  Excerpt:

Comedian Bill Maher is no conservative, but a broken clock is right twice a day. Maher has veered off the liberal path on Islamic extremism, admitted that his side doesn’t know anything about firearms regarding Second Amendment issues, and unapologetically points out the false equivalence between Christian and Islamic-inspired terror attacks.

With the 2016 election over and President Donald J. Trump now in the White House, Maher has some advice for how liberals can win: stop being politically correct. Granted, I hope liberals continue with their insufferable ethos of trigger warnings and safe spaces, so we can undo the damage done by the Obama presidency—but I think we can all agree that the authoritarian agenda of political correctness is a cancer on the nation.

 During the election just past, a big part of President Trump’s appeal was his blunt language; he not only is not politically correct, he deliberately eschews political correctness; he seems not to give a damn who he offends, and when people complain, he tells them where to head in.

That is, frankly, a breath of fresh air in our current era of polished, rehearsed politicians.

But Maher, before slipping into his “people would love liberal positions if we just explained them better,” misses one key point.  It wasn’t just the hyper-sensitivity that doomed the political Left in the last few election cycles.  It was precisely the issues that the Left and the Democratic Party went on about at length; when the nation’s regular blue-collar workers and small business owners are worried about making the mortgage and finding the next job on the career path, issues like transgender bathroom rights and “the patriarchy” ring pretty hollow.

That’s what Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I missed in 2016.  That’s one of the reasons she lost.