Animal’s Daily Trump Triumphant News

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OK, well, maybe he’s not altogether triumphant yet, but it makes for a good headline. The high point, of course, of CPAC 2024 was Saturday’s speech by none other than former President Donald Trump, and he was up to his usual Trumpisms.

See for yourself:

That evening, the once and (it’s looking more and more likely) future President went to South Carolina, where primary voters handed him a victory and their former Governor Nikki Haley a pasting.

Super Tuesday is coming up fast. By mid-March, Trump could easily have enough delegates in his pocket to cinch the nomination. As the late, great Dr. Charles Krauthammer said of Trump in the 2016 primary season, which you may remember had a much larger field, “…it’s beginning to look as though he might just pull this off.”

Meanwhile, and speaking of pulling it off (hah) Joe Biden is giving young White House staffers advice on sex.

At CPAC, as I’ve already reported, Trump was predictably Trump, right down to showing up almost an hour late. He gave a noteworthy speech, showing humor, a penchant for story-telling, some needle-pointed jabs at Joe Biden, and in short, came off as what he is – a real-estate guy from Queens.

Whatever you think of Trump – and you all may remember that in these virtual pages, I was a DeSantis man until he dropped out – he’s almost certainly going to be the GOP candidate, and unless the Dems find a way to ease befuddled old Joe Biden out the door and follow up by ousting the cackling imbecile he chose as VP, then he’ll likely win a Grover Cleveland-like nonconsecutive second term.

My concern in the short term over a Trump victory is this: If he wins, and it’s looking more and more likely, then it’s Katie-bar-the-door, because the cities may well erupt in “peaceful protests” that will make the 2020 Summer of Love look like a Girl Scout jamboree.

Get out of the cities!