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Moving along:  The Rust Belt still appears to be Trump country.  Excerpt:

Conservative ideology alone did not unite this (Trump-voting) coalition. What did was conservatism fused with a populist distrust of big institutions including the media, DC politicians, Hollywood and corporations, all based in ZIP codes far removed from the people they supposedly serve.

Three years later, all 24 of the people we interviewed for “The Great Revolt” (except two we’ve been unable to reach) told us they have not wavered in their political allegiances.

Polls echo this dynamic. Earlier this month, Cook Political Report election analyst Amy Walter crunched numbers from a recent New York Times/Siena poll to show that Trump’s edge in the Electoral College remains the same or has even grown a bit since 2016 in places like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and even Minnesota, which he lost by a hair.

“It is 2016 all over again,” wrote Walter, and she’s not wrong. In many ways, our political climate is like the movie “Groundhog Day” — every day. If you woke up after Trump’s election feeling optimistic about the future, you likely still do. And if you didn’t, your hair is probably still on fire and nothing will extinguish it until the president is removed from the White House.

“If you live and work in Washington, New York or the West Coast, you don’t know anyone like me,” said Smith, who was one of many voters my co-writer and I referred to as “Hidden in Plain Sight.”

Look at that last quote, because it’s key to the whole mess we’re in right now.  Look at the current crop of Democrat candidates for the Imperial Mansion; they are running waaaaay to the left, partly because that’s where their party is going, partly because they are gunning for the votes of the coastal elites.

In so doing, of course, they are alienating voters like the Rust Belt folks described in this article.  Most of these folks aren’t interested in Medicare-For-All (in fact, quite a few of them have generous, union-negotiated health plans) and they sure as hell don’t want to hear a lot of finger-wagging over the carbon footprint of their pickups and SUVs.

This, True Believers, is why Trump won in 2016.  This, True Believers, is why, barring any unforeseen shocking revelations (and really, as much as the Never-Trump/Democrat coalition has been digging, one would think that if there were anything they’d have uncovered it by now) Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

The Democrats are in danger of becoming a regional party, catering to coastal elites and government dependents in the major cities.  That’s not a winning strategy.  And the great irony is that they are being driven to this by President Donald J. Trump, who by all standards is a Tip O’Neill-type Democrat on most issues, and who was in fact a Democrat for most of his adult life.

One takes his ironic humor where one finds it, no?