Animal’s Daily Totally Not A Real Artist News

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Once again we can count on the British media to bring us the stories the U.S. legacy media deliberately ignores.  This time it’s Hunter Biden’s new career as an insanely-highly-paid artist.  As in “bribe conduit.”  Excerpt:

The White House helped broker the deal that would allow buyers of Hunter Biden’s paintings to remain confidential, despite widespread concerns it could lead to bribery and influence peddling, it was revealed on Thursday. 

The plan will allow Hunter Biden to forge ahead with his new career as an artist after a career change from a high-paid consultant on international deals, by also shielding him from the identities of those who purchase his pricey works.  

The deal came about after Biden administration staffers reached out to Hunter’s lawyers to forge a plan intended to ‘avoid’ ethics concerns and let the president’s son pursue his new career. 

But there are still questions over how the administration and his lawyers will stop individual buyers from reaching out to Hunter or someone revealing how much one of his paintings has been purchased for. 

The idea is avoid a situation where he knew who was buying his work so he might be in the position to do them a favor – although it still provides an opportunity for unidentified individuals to shovel large sums to the president’s son as he battles high living costs and legal fees. 

Read that last bit:  Even the Daily Mail isn’t mentioning the elephant in the room, which is that Hunter Biden is laundering bribe money to go to his father.  Or more likely, honestly, to Frau Doktor Professor Jill Biden, since the erstwhile POTUS is too busy drooling into a face-diaper to pay attention any more.

But here’s the real howler:

Neither Hunter nor the White House would know who the buyers are, in an effort to prevent special treatment.

Bull.  Fucking.  Shit.

Imagine if the crack-head son in question’s name was Trump instead of Biden.  The media would be on that like stink on shit, and the President would probably have been impeached a third time.  The reaction of the legacy media to this has been nothing short of shameful.

Now that that’s said – go to the linked article and look at some of Hunter Biden’s “art.”  A chimpanzee with a child’s watercolor set could do better.  The Old Man was a well-known Midwestern artist of some renown from the mid Sixties to the early Nineties, with his own space in the Iowa State Capitol where one of his paintings always hung.  I can only imagine what he would have had to say about this.

But hey!  No more mean tweets!