Animal’s Daily Too Little Too Late News

Now the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration is going to ask Congress for great big loads of cash to refund the police, to “deal with the surging crime rate” (read that:  To provide exciting new opportunities for graft in our corrupt major cities) and to try to stem off the electoral bloodbath the Dems are facing in November.  Excerpt:

Joe Biden‘s 2023 budget proposal includes $32 billion to fight rising crime in the U.S., according to two White House officials, despite years-long calls from the progressive wing of his party to defund police.

Massive crime spikes, particularly in cities, are one issue that could threaten Democrat‘s majority in the upcoming midterm elections. Republicans are effectively branding the issue as widely Democrat-caused due to calls to abolish police and rhetoric against law enforcement in general.

The officials tell Axios that Biden’s budget proposal would require $30 billion in new spending over the next decade to expand law enforcement and increase crime prevention. 

The president’s proposal, which almost never makes it through Congress unaltered, will also include an increase of $31 billion in Defense spending, people familiar with the plan told The New York Times.

His total nation security spending request will amount to $813.3 billion, including $4.1 billion for the Pentagon for research and development of defense capabilities. Nearly $5 billion, according to the Times, will go toward a space-based missile warning system to detect threats and another $2 billion for a missile defense interceptor. 

Notice how, these days, we get better coverage of our national politics from the foreign press than from American media?

Anyway – I’ll say to the Dems, “Do you want more Trump?  Because this is how you get more Trump.”  They are literally playing on his ground now, and nobody is paying much attention to the fact that the Imperial City, if anyone bothered to dust off a copy of the Constitution and actually read it, has very little to do with this sort of thing; police powers are the province of cities and states.

As far as those (blue) cities that have already defunded the police and are not dealing with the consequences, I can only say, “you made your bed – now lie in it.”

Pundits, commentators, scribes, blowhards and casual observers, including yr. obdt. (I leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine into which of those categories I fit) have been predicting the coming electoral red wave for a while now.  While November is still a long ways off, well, when you’re adopting your opponents’ language in order to try to stave him off, you’ve already lost.