Animal’s Daily There They Go Again News

Thanks again to The Other McCain for the Rule Five link!

Moving on:  Go on, tell me you’re surprised.

One wonders (as suggested by one of my fellow Glibertarians) if these boneheads think they will be getting some sort of alimony settlement in this “divorce.”   They won’t.  Here’s a hint to the CalExit folks:  Go talk to South Carolina and see how well secession will work for them.  Not only will Californey not get a settlement, in any fair break-up they would be required to pay the Imperial government come kind of compensation for not only the various military bases but also all of the other Imperial lands and installations in the state.

Granted these days there’s no Lincoln who will send the Union Army into California to compel their return; President Trump may well grin and wave good-bye.  Nor is there a General Billy Sherman waiting to “make California howl,” and maybe burn a few of their major cities.

Having just spent a year in loony California, watching the once and former Golden State frantically pursuing Venezuelean economic policies, I’m inclined to grin and wave good-bye myself.