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Before I get into this, check out the latest chapter of Barrett’s Privateers – Unrepentant Sinner over at Glibertarians.

Now then: Why is Texas better than California?  Well, one word: Liberty.

Hate Texas? Get over it. Why so many people are moving to the Lone Star State.

It gets hot in Texas in the summer, but my home state gets even more heat from critics for its politics, policies and even cowboy culture.

Case in point: In the new film “Civil War,” guess which states pair up to fight the federal government? Texas and California.

That actually could be believable − because so many Californians are fleeing the Golden State for the Lone Star State.

Hate Texas all you want, but last year, for the sixth time in eight years, Texas’ population grew more than any other state, according to U-Haul Growth Index. The report also says, “For the fourth year in a row, California reflected the largest net loss of one-way movers.”

People are indeed voting with their feet, and Texas is sure a popular destination (Alaska is, happily, too cold for most of the Californians) and there’s a good reason for it: Texans enjoy far more personal liberty than Californians.

Residents are free to live, work, defend themselves, ride horses or raise their families pretty much any way they see fit. The things they can’t do aren’t tyrannical; they’re helpful boundaries.

If anything, Texas opposes tyranny like Democrats oppose lowering taxes. It’s not in any one law or person, but it is an idea that permeates our culture, and Texas embraces it well.

Turns out, a lot of other Americans do, too.

It’s a model that works. Florida is proving the same thing.  And here in the Great Land, at least outside the Anchorage Bowl, we’re the most “mind your own business, leave us alone” folks you’re liable to find anywhere.

There is a problem; the country is becoming more and more polarized as time goes on. The red states are getting redder and the blue, bluer.  National politics are getting more and more ruthless.  And out November election, no matter who emerges the victor, will be hotly contested not only before but also after the results are known.

We live, as I’ve been saying for a while now, in interesting times.