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The real deal.

Here, on the “trans ‘women’ taking part in women’s sports” front, is some actual science.  Not “science,” but science.  Excerpt:

Researchers based out of the University of São Paulo in Brazil recruited 15 healthy, transgender women with an average age of 34 who were undergoing long-term, gender-affirming hormone therapy. These women initiated their transition at a median age of 17 and had been taking hormones for an average of 14.4 years. The researchers then recruited cisgendered men and women matched by age and physical activity level to serve as comparison controls.

All of the participants were invited into the laboratory and underwent various metabolic and physical testing. For instance, the researchers measured their testosterone levels, body-mass index, muscle mass, and body fat percentage. Afterwards, subjects’ strength was assessed with the oft-used hand-grip test and their cardiopulmonary capacity (defined as “the maximum ability of the cardiovascular system to deliver oxygen to exercising skeletal muscle and of the exercising muscle to extract oxygen from the blood”) was determined via running on a treadmill with rising difficulty until exhaustion.

The researchers found that, although the transgender women had about the same testosterone levels as the cisgender women, they had about 40% greater skeletal muscle mass. Moreover, they were about 19% stronger and had 20% greater cardiopulmonary capacity. Interestingly, transgender women’s athletic markers generally fell right in the middle between cisgender men and women.

Here’s the conclusion:

Still, the research does show that even transgender women undergoing long-term hormone therapy, with testosterone levels comparable to cisgender women, likely have a significant advantage in raw physical ability over women born biologically female. By current NCAA and Olympic rules, these women are allowed to compete in women’s sporting events.

That would seem to slam down a lid on the whole issue; transgender women have an unfair advantage over women and should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports.

Of course, plenty of people will refuse to acknowledge these results, which are not surprising to anyone with any knowledge of biology.  The entire issue is political, not scientific.

And while we argue this political issue, how many young women are being denied scholarships and other opportunities by universities and other organizations that deny these facts?

It’s grossly unfair.