Animal’s Daily Stupid Ideas News

Forget all day.  This will probably be the dumbest thing you’ll read all week.  Excerpt:

After the deadly school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas on Friday, former Obama-era secretary of education Arne Duncan said it would be a good idea for students to stay out of school until gun laws are reformed.

“This is brilliant, and tragically necessary. What if no children went to school until gun laws changed to keep them safe?”

Duncan said his own family would be willing to participate if it was possible to make it happen.

“My family is all in if we can do this at scale. Parents, will you please join us?” He said.

This guy was Secretary of Education.  Furshlugginer Secretary of Education, and obviously his grasp of elementary logic is about at the 4th grade level.

Allow me to illustrate an absurdity by using another absurdity:  Let’s suppose Mothers Against Drunk Driving wanted to come up with a highly visible boycott to protest the numbers of drunk driving deaths in the U.S., which deaths, by the way, vastly outnumber deaths in school shootings.  Let’s suppose they decide to protest drunk-driving deaths…

…by staging protests at car dealerships.

“Now, Animal,” you might say, “that’s just ridiculous.”  Well, so is holding your kid out of school to protest school shootings – which is only a tiny bit more insane that protesting the NRA.

But former Cabinet-level Imperial appointees, it seems, aren’t required to pass any exams to gain their positions.