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Before we get into President Biden(‘s handlers) latest stupid statement, check out the next installment of The River over at Glibertarians!

Now then:  Last week, President(ish) Biden made another stupid statement about guns and how police use them.  Excerpt:

Joe Biden knows nothing about guns. It’s rather concerning that he’s so ignorant and yet, he’s in the position he’s in — talking about policy and laws, as well as constantly pushing gun control.

Biden was at the White House on Friday, talking about “retraining” police.

But first, with Joe Biden being Joe Biden, he faced the battle of the microphone and just being able to speak clearly.

But even as he’s talking about “retraining,” he has no idea what he’s talking about. He said that police need to be trained not to “shoot to kill,” but to “shoot to stop.”

This is of course ignorance of the highest order; police are trained to shoot center mass to bring the criminal down, and you don’t fire unless you are prepared to kill the subject because of the threat. Biden seems to have some farcical belief that you should shoot people in the leg, rather than shooting to kill. He doesn’t understand that makes it unlikely you would hit a moving target, much less stop them, plus that wouldn’t guarantee that you wouldn’t kill the person anyway, if you winged them in the femoral artery.

“Shoot to stop” is the standard already; that is, shoot until the threat is gone.  That means shooting for center mass, to maximize your chances of an effective hit.  And that also  means you keep shooting until the threat is neutralized; if that also means dead, well, so be it.

Biden – along with most Democrats – know bugger-all about guns or about defensive shooting.  It’s not a target range or a friendly plinking session in the cornfield.  The shooter may be taking return fire.  It’s more than likely dark.  The shooter may be crouching or prone, adrenaline will be rushing through his body, his hands will be shaking; he’s shooting at unknown range but likely close enough that the attacker may be able to reach him and negate the one advantage you have, being able to keep an attacker at a distance.  The assailant may be jacked up on drugs, or just berserk with rage.  The shooter doesn’t know.

If one tried to “shoot to wound,” then the shooter may be risking their own life.  You shoot to stop the threat.

Shooting to wound or shooting the gun/knife out of an assailant’s hand may have worked for Randolph Scott – and I do love those old Westerns where the hero does just that.  But those are fiction, and have no impact on the real world.  But then, Joe Biden increasingly seems to have an only tenuous connection to the real world himself.