Animal’s Daily Street Thug News

Before I get into this, check out the first of a ten-part series over at Glibertarians – this one is Barrett’s Privateers I:  Plague Ship. I think you’ll like it.

Now then: What is it about these feral thugs, and why do they always seem (just to name the elephant in the room) to have something in common?

The 29-year-old man beaten and stabbed by four men at a Bronx train station he wished a happy new year to was trying to squeeze past the cruel quartet when he was attacked, family members said Saturday.

“He was coming down [to the platform] and then these guys — he said it was two on one side, two on the other — he said ‘Happy New Year’ and then after that they came behind him and they just attacked him,” a relative of victim Carlos Pilliza told the Daily News.

Nearly a week after the attack, Pilliza remained at St. Barnabas Hospital, suffering from multiple stab wounds to the chest and neck.

“They stabbed him in the lungs and the heart and here,” the relative said, pointing to her neck. “And then they leave him there.”

Pilliza didn’t recognize any of his attackers and had no idea why they would hurt him.

They hurt him because they are feral animals, products of the toxic urban “thug” culture, and from childhood all of their role models have shown them this is an acceptable way to behave.

From surveillance cameras, here are the four thugs in question:

Image from linked article.

Here is how the story describes the attackers:

All of the brawlers are believed to be about 5-foot-8 with slim builds. One sported braids while another had braids and glasses, cops said.

A third attacker had long hair and was wearing red-and-black checkerboard-style pants while a fourth wore a black jacket and a black ski mask.

For one thing, these aren’t “brawlers.” They are murderous felons and street animals who need to be caught, tried, convicted, and locked up.  Notice that there is no mention of one key descriptive feature:

They are all black. (No, I will not capitalize “black.” It is not a proper noun, and I will adhere to the rules of written English; if anyone objects, tough shit.) So why not include that in the description?

I know a few religious folks who describe the “divine spark” that supposedly is possessed by all people.  Punks like this make me question that assertion.  There are many people alive of no more value than a roadkilled armadillo, and these four are among them.  Our major cities will never be safe until punks like this walk the streets every day in terror of being caught.