Animal’s Daily State of the Union News

Tuesday night, I understand, some desiccated old geezer gave a speech to Congress.  I didn’t watch it, as we had a late-afternoon appointment in Anchorage and decided to stop for a nice dinner in Wasilla – and I prefer to read these things after the fact anyway, rather than suffer through the kabuki theater that both parties have made of the State of the Union address.

Anyway:  Here, from the Salem Media group (hey, I still love you guys, despite my bitching at you about copy-editing earlier this week) are some interesting fact-checks:

FACT CHECK: Biden Distorts Economic Record During State of the Union.  Well, he could hardly tell the truth about that, even if he knew how to tell the truth; his economic record is awful.  Spiking energy prices, depressed wages, skyrocketing inflation – you’ve read it all before.

FACT CHECK: Joe Biden’s Claims About Inflation During State of the Union.  Speaking of inflation; well, go read it.

FACT CHECK: Biden Repeats Debunked Claims About January 6 During State of the Union.  Well, this is no surprise; every Dem in the Imperial City has been repeating debunked claims about this since, well, January 6, 2021.

As the World Laughs, Joe Biden Claims ‘We’ll Act to Protect Our Country’ if China Threatens Us.  Yeah, he won’t do anything.  We know this, Dems in the Imperial City know this, the GOP knows this, and Xi sure as hell knows this.

Now, a couple of responses are worth checking out; first, the ‘official’ reply by Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who I think is an up-and-comer:  Sarah Huckabee Sanders Delivers the GOP Response to SOTU: ‘The Choice Is Between Normal and Crazy’.

And, of course, President Trump couldn’t stay out of the fray, although for once his reply was succinct and mostly cogent:  WATCH: President Trump Responds to Biden’s SOTU Address With the ‘Real State of the Union’.

There’s really not too much more to say.  The State of the Union delivered by President Biden(‘s handlers) was as these things usually are:  An enormous, steaming pile of horseshit.  It would be a far better use of everyone’s time and the taxpayer’s dollars if the Executive Branch just went back to delivering the State of the Union in writing to Congress, instead of taking the stage to shovel out this huge pile of crap.

Anyway.  Just to take away the bad taste of all that, here is some totally gratuitous and yet patriotically appropriate totty from the archives.