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Moving along:  Here are ten minority-owned small businesses wrecked by looters in the recent unpleasantness:

  1. Private Stock Premium Boutique, a black-owned clothing store based in Austin, Texas, was looted and left in ruins during the riots.
  2. Bole Ethiopian Cuisine, an ethnic restaurant in Saint Paul, Minnesota, was burnt, vandalized, and destroyed during rioting.
  3. Guns and Roses Boutique, a Dallas, Texas boutique, was started by a black businesswoman who built her fashion enterprise from the ground up. It was looted and left in ruins during riots.
  4. Go Get It Tobacco, a black-owned tobacco store in St. Paul, Minnesota, was vandalized, robbed, and left in tatters.
  5. King’s Fashion, a Philadelphia boutique, was burned and left layered in soot. Its minority owners had “built the business over two decades, working seven-day weeks.”
  6. MN Fashion and Jewelry, a jewelry store in Minneapolis, Minnesota was raided and looted, leaving its owner, Masum Siddiquee, to pick up the pieces.
  7. Scores Sports Bar, a Minneapolis sports bar, was the brainchild of a black firefighter who used his life savings to start it. He had planned to open it in June. Rioters burned it to the ground, and the owners did not have insurance.
  8. Healing Path Wellness Services, a South Minneapolis minority-owned mental health clinic, was burned, looted, and destroyed.
  9. Ihman’s Hair Studio, a Philadelphia hair salon, was looted and ransacked. The owner wrote that she is “hurt and angry that my people would vandalize and destroy a black-owned business.”
  10. Kane’s Barbershop and Altatudes, a minority-owned barbershop in Austin, Texas, was burned during riots and extensively damaged.

Now – from this story:

Several black-owned businesses had been destroyed in this area — considered the heart of the city’s black community — in recent fires that investigators have deemed “suspicious.” Neighbors suspect right-wing militias, and social media has been abuzz with purported — but unverified — sightings of masked white men in pickup trucks holding semiautomatic assault rifles.

Obviously right-wing militias now have advanced cloaking technology, because despite cell phone cameras being ubiquitous and despite almost every second of every one of these protests being recorded on video, somehow not one bit of footage of these “right-wing militias” destroying black-owned businesses has surfaced.  What footage we do have tells quite a different story.

As a committed civil libertarian, I think the fact that these neighborhoods have set up patrols and have taken responsibility for their own security to be just fine; frankly they should have been doing so well before this.  But the WaPo is revealing their own disgusting hypocrisy in referring to these groups with the innocuous term “neighborhood patrol,” when they would certainly use the term “right-wing militia” or “vigilante” if the same kind of activity were to take place in, say, Pocatello, Idaho.