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Apparently President Trump’s “Sleepy Joe” barb doesn’t carry as much heft as “Crooked Hillary,” accuracy of both statements notwithstanding.  Excerpt:

The numbers don’t lie: “Sleepy Joe” just doesn’t have the ooomph of “Crooked Hillary” — or even “Lyin’ Ted.”

Trump’s favored insult for Democratic rival Joe Biden is falling flat with the public even as Election Day nears, according to an analysis of Google search trends reported by Axios on Sunday.

Americans are searching for “Sleepy Joe” at just about a third of the rate that they searched for the negative moniker aimed at Hillary Clinton during the same period of 2016.

The data suggests that voters are not latching on to Trump’s negative campaign to make Biden more unpopular. That’s a cornerstone of Trump’s effort to win reelection in November because his own unfavorable ratings have been remarkably high throughout his presidency.

Four years ago, Trump’s trademark attack on Hillary Clinton drew scoffs from political analysts who considered it juvenile and ineffective. They said the same thing about his broadsides at GOP primary rivals “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz and “Lil’ Marco” Rubio.

But it turned out to be political gold, especially when then-FBI Director James Comey announced a bombshell announcement about the probe into her email use just days before Americans went to the polls.

Trump’s own advisers may realize “Sleepy Joe” is a dud. The president has been test-driving new insults like “Corrupt Joe” in recent days.

“Corrupt Joe” is accurate, but doesn’t have quite the rhetorical sting.  How about one of these:

  • Senile Joe
  • Dementia Joe
  • Ukraine Joe
  • Plastic Joe (Seriously, have you seen a recent photo of him?  He looks like an ad for Botox.)
  • Joe Depends
  • Dirty Joe
  • Sniffer Joe

Or, my personal favorite:  Groper Joe.

Granted, anyone who has been in politics since the Neolithic, like good ol’ Groper Joe, has enough history to give plenty of ammo to a oppo research guy who is even conscious.

And keep that in mind.  The polls right now aren’t looking too good for the President – but the polls in 2016 looked pretty bad for Trump, right up to election night.  And bear in mind also that the campaign hasn’t really even started yet, and won’t until the (possibly virtual) conventions are over.  Then, Groper Joe’s handlers won’t be able to keep him in the basement any more.  His difficulties with word finding, his frequent fits of unfounded anger, his inappropriate sexual gestures – all signs of advancing dementia – will be on display for all to see.

In most election years the debates don’t really matter all that much.  This year, I think they will.  If President Trump is smart, and he’s shown himself to have good instincts when it comes to pushing an opponent’s buttons, he’ll provoke some of that unfounded rage, and then turn to the audience and ask, “is this guy really stable enough to be out in public, let alone President?”

The 2012 debates were boring.  The 2016 debates were more interesting, but only a little.  The 2020 debates ought to be a hoot.