Animal’s Daily Senile Dementia News

Before we begin today’s tirade, check out the latest episode of Fire and Ice over at Glibertarians!  And also read my latest column over at the American Free News Network.

Last Friday, President(ish) Biden presented a football trophy to the U.S. Air Force Academy football team.  That’s the sort of PR stunt that every President does, of course, and it would have been unremarkable if Biden hadn’t completely borked up the event, accepting one of the three souvenirs offered, ignoring the others and walking off with a vacant look on his face.

As Warner Wolf would  have said, “Let’s go to the videotape.”

Seriously, this is way past the point where keeping this guy around is just elder abuse.  He clearly has very little idea what he’s doing, or even what he’s supposed to be doing.  Notice the vacant look on his face.  Notice the confusion so manifestly obvious on the faces of the people attending.

I have a hard time working up too much sympathy for Joe Biden.  The guy’s a corrupt statist, a big-government goon, and while he was never even close to being the sharpest knife in any drawer he has somehow made himself monstrously rich through shady dealings, mostly using his crackhead son Hunter to launder bribes.

But the human being in me just feels bad for the guy now.  Who in the hell thinks this Weekend at Bernie’s Presidency can last another four years?  And who in the hell thinks his cackling imbecile of a VP is in any way remotely suited to take his place?  And, saddest of all, who doubts the GOP’s capacity to completely hose up what should be the easiest runaway Presidential election victory since 1984?