Animal’s Daily Second Amendment News

One state at a time – New Hampshire now has Constitutional Carry.  Excerpt:

“New Hampshire now joins an ever-growing number of states in passing constitutional carry,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “Despite the best efforts of Michael Bloomberg-funded groups to distort the truth, the New Hampshire legislature and governor stood strong for freedom.”

Sununu’s signature on SB 12 makes New Hampshire the 12th state to allow constitutional carry.  New Hampshire joins its northern New England neighbors Maine and Vermont, both of which allow constitutional carry.  

Sponsored by Sen. Jeb Bradley (R-3), Senate Bill 12 will repeal the license requirement to carry a concealed pistol or revolver, unless a person is otherwise prohibited.  For those who choose to obtain licenses, SB 12 will also increase the length of time in which a license is valid from four years to five years.

 It’s accepted by many, if not most, in the shooting sports community that the Second Amendment is our carry permit.  That’s probably not the most accurate way to interpret the Second Amendment, though; like all the other items in the Bill of Rights, the Second enumerates a natural right that the government is not allowed to interfere with; it in no way permits us to do anything.  It actually refutes the need for a permit.

But, as the Bard said, the law is frequently an ass, and the fact is that in most states today you can be locked up for bearing arms without government permission.  But the momentum seems to be moving in the right direction now.  New Hampshire is just the latest on the list.

Hopefully national CCW reciprocity will be next.