Animal’s Daily Scumbag News

And by “scumbag,” I mean the man who is ostensibly the President of the United States – that guy who claimed to be bringing honor and dignity back to the White House.  Yes, he’s a scumbag:

Except for Navy Joan, right, you piece of shit?

I wrote about this over at RedState, but every day it just pisses me off more and more.  My RedState colleague Brad Slager  has a good take no the topic as well:

Yesterday, Axios came out with a report on how the president is prone to vulgar outbursts with his staff, saying harsh things when he is not pleased with how meetings are going — itself, not a major story. Except, this is the same man who, during those early days of promised magnificence, lectured incoming staffers that he would not tolerate anyone treating others with disrespect. Yet here he is shown defying his own dictate, a man incapable of following his own commands.

Yet this is hardly a lone example. Currently, the Bidens are dealing with concurrent news items that make them appear like a dysphoric, dysfunctional lot. The recidivist First Son Hunter is grappling with a legal case of a child he sired out of wedlock, and the treatment of this by his family is bordering on disturbing. Long an issue they chose to ignore (only six stockings hung at Christmas for the grandchildren, not the accurate seven) the details from the paternity court case were jarring.

OK, I get it, your son knocked up a stripper, and yes, that’s embarrassing.  But the child of that union is innocent.  She had nothing to do with the circumstances of her conception and birth.  She deserves the love, support and attention of her family – both sides of her family, maternal and paternal.  That the Bidens deny not only that love, support and attention but refuse even to acknowledge the existence of their daughter/granddaughter reveals them to be the worst sort of people – ones who would lay a parent’s sins at the feet of a child.

What utter scumbags.