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Scottish Independence?
Scottish Independence?

Will Scotland vote to break up the United Kingdom?  It’s looking a bit more likely.  Excerpt:

Scottish independence increasingly looks like an iceberg that could sink Prime Minister David Cameron’s government and the opposition Labour Party. And like the passengers on the Titanic, they never saw it coming.

Yesterday’s YouGov Plc poll putting the Yes vote on 51 percent sparked a fresh effort from supporters of the union to urge Scots to come back from the brink. About 100 Labour lawmakers will travel to Scotland this week to campaign for a No vote, while Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne offered more powers over taxes and spending to the Scottish Parliament — if voters opt to stay part of the U.K.

This is something that’s been simmering since the days of William Wallace, of course, and will have some pretty serious implications for the United Kingdom and the European Community (Will Scotland go on the Euro or keep their own currency?  Will there be a Scottish pound?)

Are You A HoserThere is a similar separatist movement closer to us here in the States, too; maybe Scotland and Quebec could compare notes.

Scotland and Quebec do share some commonalities; a distinct culture (although English-speaking Scotland lacks the major difference of Francophone Quebec) and a contentious history with the containing country.  There are probably as many Quebecois who remember General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm and the Plains of Abraham as there are Scots remember William Wallace and Falkirk.

The Quebecois separatists have been quiet of late.  Scotland – well, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.