Animal’s Daily (Science) News

Harp BearA few tidbits from the world of science:

It seems there is now a super-banana.  The bananas are engineered to contain boosted levels of several essential vitamins.  One wonders if this will get the anti-GMO nitwits all spun up, and if they will attempt to deprive African children of a tasty source of essential vitamins.

Star within a star discovered.  Insert the obligatory joke about the marital lives of Hollywood actors here.

On that note:  Why are these bears having oral sex?  Now there’s a question you didn’t expect to see asked.

From the “answers to questions nobody is asking” category:  Mystery solved:  why a Turkish family walks on all fours.

What if the Earth stopped spinning?  (video.)  Maybe all of the politicians would be flung into space – in which case it would be tempting to conclude it was worth it.

Finally, bonobos reveal the evolution of human kindness.  Since there seems to be a rather dramatic shortage of human kindness going around the world at the moment, maybe we should ask the bonobos for a refresher lesson?

On that kindly note, we return you to your Tuesday, already in progress.