Animal’s Daily SanFran Kookery News

Not in San Francisco.

This seems to be the week for kookery.  Now the sale of plastic water bottles has been banned at the San Francisco airport.  Yes, really.  Excerpt:

The new rule will apply to airport restaurants, cafes and vending machines. Travelers who need plain water will have to buy refillable aluminum or glass bottles if they don’t bring their own.

As a department of San Francisco’s municipal government, the airport is following an ordinance approved in 2014 banning the sale of plastic water bottles on city-owned property.

The shift away from plastics is also part of a broader plan to slash net carbon emissions and energy use to zero and eliminate most landfill waste by 2021, said airport spokesman Doug Yakel.

But, considering the approximately 4 million plastic water bottles sold per year at the airport, it may be more difficult for vendors to adhere to the water bottle ban.

Whether vendors out of compliance will be penalized is unclear, but Yakel said the airport hopes that “won’t be necessary.”

SFO vendors already are required to provide only compostable single-use foodware, including to-go containers, condiment packets, straws and utensils.

So in San Francisco nowadays:

You can crap on the sidewalk but you can’t buy a plastic water bottle.

You can shoot up heroin on the street but you can’t vape.

You can pitch a tent and set up housekeeping in a city park but you can’t have a plastic straw.

I’m glad that the San Francisco City Council has evidently solved all of that formerly great cities other issues so they can focus on this minutia, because…

…oh, wait…

They haven’t.  Bums are still shooting up in doorways, sleeping in the BART and crapping on the sidewalks.

The city’s crime rate is still pooching upwards.

Tourists are still buying feces maps to know where the particularly egregious messes are on any given day.

And young folks living in the area still can’t afford housing.

It’s sad to see a place that was, once, legitimately one of the country’s great cities, slowly descending into madness.