Animal’s Daily Russian Nukes News

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Moving on:  Could Putin be using his nukes as an intimidation tactic against President Biden(‘s handlers)?  Maybe.  Excerpt:

The March 2021 Russian naval exercise (Umka-21), the first major Russian nuclear exercise during the Biden administration, involved both President Putin and the Commander of the Russian Navy Admiral Nikolai Semenov, who told Putin that in the Umka-21 naval exercise:

The following tasks have been fulfilled for the first time in the history of the Navy: three atomic missile carriers arrived on schedule within a region with a radius of 300 meters after breaking through 1.5 meter thick ice under an integrated plan; …

President Putin added that this had never happened in Soviet times. Noteworthy, the nuclear phase of the Umka-21 came soon after the December 2020 Russian large strategic nuclear exercise, which, as noted above, had a record number of announced live launches of strategic ballistic missiles and ended with a live salvo launch of four of the new Bulava-30 SLBMs.

One journalist noted concerning Umka-21, “The unprecedented exercise served as a bold statement of Russia’s presence and capabilities in the increasingly tense Arctic region.” (Emphasis in the original). The only reason for three nuclear ballistic missile submarines (reportedly two Delta-IV and one Borei or Borei-A submarines) to break through the Arctic ice simultaneously is to launch nuclear ballistic missiles, with the obvious targets being in the U.S. The involvement of three nuclear ballistic missile submarines (a quarter of their force) suggests this was a simulation of a massive nuclear strike. It makes no sense to have three nuclear ballistic missile submarines involved in a limited nuclear strike (e.g., a few missiles). Not only would this be unnecessary, but it would also be counter-productive since each launch would give away the location of the submarine. This type of exercise is unprecedented, appeared on the Kremlin and Defense Ministry websites, and clearly was message sending. The only issue is whether the message was received.

And here’s Putin’s message to President Biden(‘s handlers) – “We think you’re weak, we think you’re indecisive, we think everyone knows that nobody’s really in charge of that whorehouse in Washington, and we aim to prove it.”

The problem is, they are likely to be right.

Just who the hell is in charge in the Imperial City, anyway?  I’m pretty sure it’s not the day-by-day-more-non-compos-mentis Joe Biden.  So who?  Kamala “Heels-Up” Harris?  Chuck Schumer (Sanctimonious Prick – NY)?  Queen Nancy Pelosi (Daffy Old Bat – CA)?

More likely it’s a horde of unelected, unknown, faceless bureaucrats, those legions of drones who never seem to disappear – they only grow, like mushrooms in the dark, growing ever numerous, larger, and more intrusive by the day.  And the trouble with that is that these people, like real mushrooms, like cockroaches and rats, may well the only survivors of a real nuclear conflict.