Animal’s Daily Royal Rage News

Heh.  Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I is reportedly still “seething with rage” at her coronation election loss.  Excerpt:

Hillary Clinton has come out of the woods. She has a new super PAC aimed at funding organizations fighting the Trump agenda. It will eventually be the war chest for 2018 midterm candidacies. She herself says she’s a member of the resistance. And she obviously hasn’t made her peace with losing to Donald J. Trump, who she reportedly feels is a “dumb, soulless manipulator.” Axios broke down her seething rage over losing from New York Magazine’s Rebecca Traister’s lengthy piece about Hillary post-campaign. One thing we have seen from the former secretary of state and two-time presidential loser is her inability to take full responsibility without blaming someone else. Her favorite targets are former FBI Director James Comey and the Russians. Yet, in Traister’s piece, everywhere the former first lady goes there are her supporters trapped in glass cases of emotion, still shocked over last November’s results.

A big part of the reason Her Royal Highness’s myrmidons are so outraged is that everybody expected her to win handily.  Hell, I was surprised at the outcome of the 2016 election myself.  They had a big emotional investment in Her Imperial Majesty beating Donald Trump in the election, and she lost – not by a squeaker, either.  She lost badly, and the really entertaining thing has been watching her blame everybody but herself for the loss ever since November 8th.

If the Democrats had nominated someone else, they likely would have won the election.  Gary Webb would have won.  Joe Biden may have.  I doubt the loony old Bolshevik from Vermont would have pulled it off, but since the DNC pulled shenanigans to squeeze him out of the primary, we will never know.

Her Imperial Majesty, as I have repeatedly pointed out, campaigned on two points:  1) I have a vagina, and 2) It’s my turn, peasants!  That wasn’t enough.  President Trump campaigned with a clear, simple populist message with a catchy, easily remembered slogan – Make America Great Again – and he won.

If Hillary Clinton really wants to know who cost her the election, all she needs to do is look in the mirror.