Animal’s Daily Royal Navy News

I’ve mentioned British historian Mark Felton before.  He runs two excellent and very informative YouTube channels on military history, Mark Felton Productions and War Stories with Mark Felton, and has written several excellent works on military topics; you can find those books on his web site, linked above.

Recently he released a video I found alarming, as it addresses the military status of the United States’ closest ally:  The United Kingdom.  Have a watch:

I knew, as does anyone who is paying attention, that most of the countries of western Europe have been drawing down their military forces since the Cold War ended, and I (and many other folks) have been concerned that they are drawing down too far.  Mark Felton shares that view.

But I was startled to see the actual numbers presented in this video.  From having a Navy that once controlled the sea lanes of the entire planet, a task now taken over by the troubled US Navy, the once-Great Britain now fields what is little more than a coastal-defense frigate navy.   The Royal Air Force and British Army have likewise been badly compromised by cuts in equipment and personnel.

A country, to remain free and independent, should be able at minimum to protect itself from attack.  It’s not clear Britain can do that now, today.   Are they counting on their former colony to come to their aid if attacked?  Well, we are obligated by NATO treaties to do so, but that shouldn’t be construed as giving them license to hamstring their own armed forces.

Britain has gone, in the space of one long lifetime, from a nation that defiantly stood alone against the Third Reich, to a self-absorbed, insufficient country that can’t even protect itself.  That, True Believers, is a tragedy of the first water, and it’s almost certainly not going to improve any time soon.