Animal’s Daily Royal Loser News

Her Imperial Majesty, the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua Hillary I, is still on her tour explaining “How I lost the election to the biggest doody-head in political history.”  Excerpt:

We’ve been reading excerpts from What Happened, Hillary Clinton’s new book, for weeks now and the litany of excuses she’s made for her loss.

As it turns out, the book isn’t so much about “what happened” as it is about “who screwed me over.” But I don’t think that title would have been a best seller, even if it is more accurate.

Clinton appeared on CBS’s Sunday Morning and was interviewed by one of her friends, Jane Pauley. What makes this particular interview so valuable is that by watching it, we don’t have to go out and spend any money on her book. You can just watch the video and get the highlights.

How did Clinton cope with her loss?

Off I went, into a frenzy of closet cleaning, and long walks in the woods, playing with my dogs, and, as I write– yoga, alternate nostril breathing, which I highly recommend, tryin’ to calm myself down. And– you know, my share of Chardonnay.

So alternate nostril breathing and getting drunk. If it were me, I’d do a lot more of the latter than the former.

I’m guessing she does in fact do more of the latter than the former.  And alternate nostril breathing?  What the hell is that, anyway?

Her Imperial Majesty is the sorest sore loser in the history of American Presidential politics – worse even than Al Gore.   Ever since last November she has been engaged full-time in cataloging dozens of imaginary reasons for her less – blaming everyone but herself, searching for answers everywhere but in the mirror.

Donald Trump was far from an ideal candidate.  He subjected the GOP to a hostile takeover, and has been pissing off that party’s establishment wing ever since.  But he won.  He channeled something in the American psyche, and in a fascinating display of marketing acumen, sold it to the American public.

Yes, he was a flawed candidate.  But he was running against an even worse candidate, the most deeply and fundamentally corrupt political figure since Huey Long, if not Caligula.  The DNC rigged the primaries in her favor, squeezing out the loony old Bolshevik from Vermont who, flawed though his ideas may be, is at least sincere.

Her Royal Highness and the Democrats need to accept this loss, and understand that it was largely due to their own underhanded dealing.  President Trump successfully cast Her Majesty as “Crooked Hillary” in large part because of all evidence she provided to support that name.