Animal’s Daily Royal Failure News

Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, has been in the news a lot lately – mostly because of a lot of royal whining.  She’s still unable to figure out why she lost the 2016 election.  But the Washington Examiner’s Noemie Emery has some cogent thoughts on the matter; excerpt:

Presidents Obama and John F. Kennedy ran and won from the Senate; Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and John Kerry ran, lost, and went back to the Senate, having lost none of their status or influence. Hillary had been rich before the Senate, but she became filthy rich after leaving it, and the greed she displayed after leaving all offices helped greatly to tarnish her name.

But this was the least of the ways that leaving the Senate would hurt her. If she had simply stayed put, as one of a hundred, with a normal government email address, the subject of emails would not have come up.

Imagine the campaign if this thing had happened: no stunning surprise in March 2015 when the server was outed, no criminal investigation by the federal government, no visit by Clinton with the attorney general that elevated former FBI Director James Comey; no Comey statement that her guilt was “not proven,” no Comey letter late in October that the case was reopened due to emails discovered on a the laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, the disgraced estranged husband of one of her aides.

Now let’s think about that for a moment.  Read those last two paragraphs again.  Let that sink in for a moment; I’ll wait right here.

Ready?  Then let’s move on.

Emery has an interesting thesis here, whether it be intentional or not, and it boils down to this:  Her Imperial Majesty may have won the 2016 election had she stayed in the Senate, because there would have been fewer opportunities for her fundamentally corrupt nature to find an outlet.

None of that changes that fact that the Dowager Empress is still the most deeply and fundamentally corrupt American political figure since Huey Long.  Indeed, it makes the sigh of relief we are still exhaling after November 2016 all the more relieving, as Emery points out so clearly how she might have been elected if she simply hadn’t had as many opportunities to peddle influence.

Holy shit!  We really dodged a major bullet there, True Believers.