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Well, at least someone in Europe is sane where GMO crops are concerned.  Excerpt:

…you can understand why Italian farmer Giorgio Fidenato, who cultivates maize, tomatoes, and soybeans on just twelve acres of land near the northeastern Italian town of Pordenone, is frustrated that he hasn’t been allowed to plant GM crops. Italy banned all engineered crops in 2013, and has since taken farmers to court for flouting the ban.

Fidenato, however, persisted in planting GM crops, particularly maize containing the insecticidal protein Bt, which is highly resistant to the destructive European corn borer, and thus requires far fewer pesticide applications to maintain. For his civil disobedience and stand for science, agitators repeatedly invaded his farm and destroyed his crops.

“Their assault startled me,” Fidenato wrote recently at the Global Farm Network. “I try to follow Gandhi’s principles of non-violence. I believe that we should settle our political differences through peaceful deliberation.”

And that’s exactly what Fidenato did. For the past few years, he and a few farmer compatriots have been arguing their case in courts, insisting that Italy had no scientific grounds to ban GM crops. Their case advanced all the way to the European Court of Justice, the highest court of the European Union, and lo and behold, they won. On September 13th, the court ruled that an EU member state cannot ban GM crops based on the precautionary principle if there is no scientific reason for doing so. The court noted that EU scientific bodies have determined GM crops to be safe.

Yes, you read that correctly:  GM crops are safe.

GM crops, like so, so many innovations, have been the subject of plenty of doomcrying.  and notice above the tactics of the irrational GM opponents:  they invaded Mr. Fidenato’s property and destroyed his crops.

Has a familiar ring to it, does it not?  A group of irrational thugs disapproves of an action (or in some other cases, merely an expressed thought) of another, and they react violently.

One might almost thing the “Antifa” fascists have taken up residence in Italy.