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Can something be a “right” if one person’s exercising of that right forces another person to surrender some of their property to pay for it?  I say no, and so does our good friend Jillian Becker.  Excerpt:

There cannot be a “right” for one person that puts an obligation on another person.

There cannot be a “right” for everyone that puts an obligation on some people.

A “right” to health care imposes an obligation on medical practitioners.

Yet the Democratic candidates for the November 2020 presidential election believe that medical treatment is a “human right”.

That old Communist from way back, Bernie Sanders – elected to the Senate as an Independent but running for the presidency as a Democrat – explicitly insists that it is.

Dr. Kevin Pham writes at the Daily Signal:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., was recently on comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show to discuss … his vision for health care in America.

He calls his plan “Medicare for All”.

In one interesting statement, Sanders described the rollout of his plan: “I want to expand Medicare to include dental care, hearing aids, and eyeglasses, and then what I want to do is lower the eligibility age the first year from 65 down to 55, then to 45, then to 35, then we cover everybody.”

Cover? Covered by insurance? No. “Free” health care for all would not be paid for through a system of insurance. It would be paid for through taxes. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, all health care workers would be employees of the government.

The plan, Dr. Pham points out, is more accurately called “Medicaid for All”.

I call it horseshit.

Just yesterday afternoon, on my commute from the work site back to my temporary New Jersey lodgings, I heard Princess Spreading Bull Warren repeating her claim that the middle class wouldn’t be taxed to pay for her statist horseshit.  What’s more, she claimed “only billionaires” would pay more.

What unmitigated bullshit.

Ms. Becker concludes:

Under Bernie Sanders’s scheme (and Elizabeth Warren’s vague and colossally expensive plan), there would no private insurance and “the whole system would crumble”.

Providers who participate in Medicaid must accept the government-mandated prices for services and deal with oftentimes long delays in receiving reimbursement that is below the cost of practice. 

Study hard for years at great expense only to earn a pittance? (Oh, I nearly forgot – higher education will also be “free” in that it will be paid for by taxation. Your pathetic little income will be taxed at so high a rate that you’ll be left with nothing but a little pocket-money.)

You would have to be a fanatical philanthropist, or even a masochist, to enter the medical profession under such conditions.

Amen and amen.

Were I to handicap the Dem’s nominees right now, I’d have to say Liawatha is the one who seems to be gaining some traction.  And that’s a good thing, because given her math-challenged moonbattery, she’s a walking talking gift to the Trump re-election campaign.

All the Democrats had to do to win in 2020 was to not be crazy.  They’ve failed.