Animal’s Daily Recall News

California does have some great scenery.

As you will have no doubt read by now, loony Californey Governor Newsom (read that any way you like) has survived the recall attempt.  That shouldn’t come as any surprise.  The fix was in, and everybody knew it.  Excerpt:

The Democrat machine in California has been successful in defending Governor Gavin Newsom from defeat in Tuesday night’s recall election. 

On Monday night, President Joe Biden campaigned for Newsom in Long Beach and made the election a referendum on President Donald Trump. Ahead of the election, Newsom’s administration sent mail-in ballots to every registered voter in the state and used federal Wuhan coronavirus relief money to issue checks to voters. 

California pols in that now-securely one-party state will see this as a vindication, and will no doubt double down on the lunacy that has individuals and businesses fleeing the state. “Now, Animal,” you might ask, “since this was a foregone conclusion, why bring it up now, two days after the preordained fact?”  Well, because Roger Simon has an interesting piece at the Epoch Times, in which he admits it may be time for the various portions of the U.S., red and blue, to peacefully go their own ways.  Excerpt:

Please understand what I have in mind is not a civil war, anything but. Part of my intention is to diminish the violence that’s escalating throughout the nation, dial down the hatred, and certainly to avoid deaths.

It’s a peaceful, gradual, and negotiated separation I wish to explore based on two societies recognizing they have different goals and approaches and deciding to go their separate ways.

In other words, if a serious majority of blue state residents want to be “woke,” teach their children critical race theory, allow them to choose their sex at age eight and so forth, much as I abhor these things, they should have that ability, just as the majority of red state citizens who wish to preserve our constitutional republic for future generations should be able to do that as well.

I’ve mused on this topic before.  Here’s the problem, as I see it:  The current divide isn’t geographical, the way it was in 1860.  It’s cultural, and to a great extent, urban vs. non-urban.  Even Alaska, a pretty red state, has its own blue dot – Anchorage – which is fortunately offset by the Matanuska-Susitna Borough which includes Wasilla and Palmer, along with some smaller communities. This is another considerable population center that is deep, deep red.

So, how would we manage such a peaceful division?

Bear in mind also that the blue side of the divide would be unlikely in the extreme to agree to any peaceful division.  They are, after all, by definition adherents to a political philosophy that wants to reduce, if not eliminate, the autonomy of the individual.

Mr. Simon sees the possibility of a peaceful breakup.  I’m not so sure that I do.  Not any more.