Animal’s Daily Random Notes News

Here are a few bits and pieces from the morning’s news.

Beta O’Rourke live-streams his haircut.  Last time it was a teeth-cleaning.  What’s next, his colonoscopy?  What a schmuck.

Robert Stacy McCain has some thoughts on champions.

If you aren’t reading the daily Glibertarians links, you ought to be.  One thing I love about that community:  You can read the comments.  Glibertarians boasts one of the most intelligent commentariats I know of.

Big surprise; Kamala Harris shoots off her mouth (hah!) about gun control, meanwhile revealing she knows bugger-all about guns.  Watch this space tomorrow for an even more egregious example of this sort of assholery.

Speaking of assholes:  Lieawatha Warren says Fox News is “…a Hate-For-Profit Racket That Gives a Megaphone to Racists and  Conspiracists.”  I find that I’m in the odd place of being in the same position as Princess Spreading Bull here; neither of us have any idea what the hell she is talking about.

Denver talk-radio legend Mike Rosen weighs in on school shootings.  Relevant quote:

One sanctimonious, simplistic anti-gunner was moved to proclaim that “we are avoiding the hard truth about the root cause of a chronic, pernicious illness in this country. We love our guns more than we love our children.” What irrational blather. This is a false dichotomy. Gun owners can both love their children and also defend the Constitutional right to possess a firearm, which can be used to protect their children from a home invader (or from shooters in schools). And the use of the personal pronoun “we” in this emotional rant is presumptuous. “We” aren’t the “root cause” of school shootings and our entire society isn’t sick. An infinitesimal fraction within it are sociopaths who shoot up schools. It’s “they,” who are sick.

As usual, Mike is correct.  Incidentally, I had the pleasure of meeting Mike in person once and, better still, spent two hours in studio on the air with him in 2001, when I was promoting Misplaced Compassion. He’s a brilliant man and possesses a razor-sharp wit.  That two hours was great radio and great fun.

From blogger pal Doug Hagin over at The Daley Gator:  Actions have consequences.  Who knew?

And on that rather satisfying note, we return you to your Thursday, already in progress.