Animal’s Daily Quadranscentennial News

In early 1991, I was sent (along with a whole bunch of other people) to the Middle East, where we helped General Schwarzkopf send the Iraqi Army squealing and screaming out of Kuwait with their tails between their legs.  It was an interesting time, a pretty intense time for about 100 hours, then pretty dull for the rest of the deployment.

While I was over there, I was a headquarters platoon leader for an Army Medical company.  One of the treatment platoon leaders was a little spitfire of a lieutenant, with a personality far larger than her 4’11” frame.

As I got to know 1LT Travers, I learned several things about her.  I learned she liked to hunt and fish; I learned she liked cold beer, straight whiskey and big-bore handguns.

I also learned that she had more physical and emotional courage than anyone I had ever met, and that she had more balls than most men I knew.  And, as the time went on, I realized she was probably the sweetest gal I was ever going to run across.

So when the deployment ended, I asked her to move from where she was living in Kansas up to Colorado with me.  The year after that we got married.

That was twenty-five years ago today.  She hasn’t changed a bit, other than a few (very few) gray hairs.  She’s still a little spitfire.  She still has a huge personality, enormous physical and emotional courage, and she still is the sweetest gal I’ve ever run across.  And I still love her more than life itself.

January 1991

Happy silver anniversary, hon.  Let’s shoot for another twenty-five!