Animal’s Daily Pushed Towards Trump News

I stumbled across this the other day, and found it interesting, as in a “Never-Trumper voting for Trump” interesting:  Feeling Pushed Towards Trump.  Excerpt:

Another reason I feel more ill at ease is that I’ve seen how much the left will not tolerate the reality of religious belief.  One of the wonders of the US Constitution is that it protects the freedom of individuals to be wrong.  Majority opinion legislates, but minority rights are protected: You remain free to speak, to think, and to govern your private affairs according to your own beliefs, however unpopular.

This is the only way for a pluralistic society to survive.  What I am seeing is that the Left which Biden and Harris pander to cannot tolerate this pluralism.

Aye, there’s the rub.

A big part of the current political unease many people feel with Congressional Democrats and the various Democrat candidates is precisely this lack of tolerance.  We’ve come a long ways since Ronald Reagan described his relationship with Tip O’Neill as being “friends after 6PM.”

We saw a little bit of this when Dianne Feinstein, a leftist pol for whom I have absolutely no affection, actually showed a little respect and affection for Lindsey Graham, with whom she has worked side-by-side for years.  She was roundly blasted for that gesture of ordinary humanity by the Left, including demands that she resign her Senate seat.

That’s another reason I’m suspicious of the polls.  You could say that all the Democrats had to do this election cycle was to not be crazy.  They failed at that.

Go vote!